Sunday, August 14, 2011

A week today!!!

*Some of my words are being translated from english, and I don't know how to stop it, so good luck!
So today marks my 1st full week on the other side of the world!  I have done a ton of wandering these last few days and my legs and feet are killing me!  It is about time I find a famous foot massage spa.

Satuday I spent Breakfast to Dinner out seeing the city with Joanna a teacher at another international school here.

We went to Hoan Kiem lake which is right near Old town (the shopping district).  So naturally we also did some shopping!

From there we visited Hoa Lo Prison (well known as the "Hilton Hotel" by U.S. pilots during the American War (you know it as the Vietnam War)).

Hoa Lo was built by the French about 1886.  It was originally created to hold vietnamese political prisoners.
Model of the Original Hoa Lo

Men and women who were fighting for there freedom!  French and then American are only the latest in a long line of countries who have tried very hard to control Vietnam.  After the French left the Vietnamese took control of the prison to hold American pilots who were shot down.  

 Main holding cell for Vietnamese men during French control.
1 of 2 Guillotine's that was used to behead many Vietnamese men and women.
The cell to the left is for women and the cell to the right is for women and their babies.

On a lighter note!  Here are a few more adventure of my trip around the city!
Wrecker taking down a building.  No blocks or safety signs.  You just need to pay attention and watch out!

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