Thursday, February 2, 2012

Down Under!


What can I say about Australia!  I think since I was a little girl I have always dream of visiting the land down under.  It is amazing how similar and Western the city of Melbourne is (reminded me of Denver), but also how different, they have some of the strangest and most fascinating animals!  They are only Native to that continent.  My adventure to Australia was focused on the Australian Open!  This is #2 out of the 4 major Open's I have seen.  As a teacher in the States this is also the hardest to go to, since it always takes place the last 2 weeks of January.  I was very fortunate this year to have Tet the Vietnamese holiday fall over the second week of the open, I could not pass up the chance.  Even though tennis was the focus I still allowed my self a few nights out and time to explore the country side and get some sun!

You need lots of everything in Australia....Alot of
and even more Sunscreen!

No joke that is a real Koala.  They look like stuffed animals even when you are petting them.

Miss you all!  P.S. I will be back in the States for about a month this summer.  Mostly Colorado...i will let everyone know the dates as the summer gets closer.