Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2 Months and Counting!

Tom's giving me a ride to the airport!

 The places you can go in just 2 months!

I have a feeling it has been a good 3 weeks since I have updated.  I have been in Vietnam for over two months now.  I am loving it!  The places I have been the people I have met.  Most of all the changes it has made in my life!
River in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

Beer pong is fun everywhere! Matt and I in Saigon.
Flight home from Saigon with Tom and Jeff
  My adventure have been in the country so far.  A week from Friday is my Fall break which will be spent in Thailand.
Which I hope to have many great picture to show you all and many more memories.

Three weeks ago I went to Saigon for a quick weekend trip.  I met more friends, saw a tiny bit of Saigon but enjoyed being out with the Air Mekong Crew who is stationed there plus a few of the Hanoi group Matt, Jeff, Tom and Nate.  I had my first experience in the Cock Pit.  Friday night Nate and Jeff were the pilots and Sunday Jeff and Tom were the pilots and Matt was past out onboard somewhere.

                                              Halong Bay

Last weekend was an overnight to Halong Bay.  Halong Bay is one of the 30 (7 wonders of the world ;)
This place is absolutely beautiful, if you ever make it to Vietnam you must go.  I hope to make it there again as well. I went down Saturday night, had dinner and then went to bed.  Sunday we board a boat out to Halong Bay.  The boats move very slow, but you need to take everything in.  
 Many of these rock formations have giant incredible caves to explore.  There are beaches to swim and delicious food to eat.  If you love seafood you are missing something if you never make it on board one of these ships.

Thuy, Phuong, Dr. Yutzy, myself, Luan
 Inside the caves are probably on of the COOLEST places in all of Vietnam, Literally!  It dropped about 10 degrees when we walked inside.  
The turtle is a very spiritual symbol in Vietnam.  This rock is the shape of a turtle with its head sticking up.  People give around 1000 to 2000 dong to rub its head.  That is about 5 to 10 cents.

Huong mummy wrapping someone, my boss to the right being mumified!

But there is always time just to have some fun at home

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