Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 WEEKS!!!

Water Fall in Sapa!  I am at the top it drops down about 4 to 5 hundred feet!

In some ways it's hard to believe 5 weeks have past since I boarded the plane for Vietnam.   

Hanoi is quite an adventure with new experience's every day.

But sometimes you just need a break from the city.  A weekend hiking, sweating, swimming in the rivers, wearing the same clothes 3 and going shower less for a few days!

This would be SAPA!!!
Rice Country!

Every where you look it is green and beautiful.  Oh and don't forget you sweat just looking at it!  There are many things to experience here, from Water falls (BIG and small).


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  1. Oh, Tia, this is so beautiful.....but the "you sweat just looking at it" "cools" me down a little:)