Sunday, October 30, 2011


Thailand in a Nut Shell!!!
I am not sure I can capture the beauty of Southern Thailand!  I think some of these picture are wonderful to look at but it does not compare to sitting in a hammock, drinking a Mojito, watching the sun set and realize you are in the Gulf of Thailand!
If you had asked me 10 years ago where I saw myself at 27...I would have said college degree, married, thinking about having in Colorado!
But that is the wonderful thing about life it never works out how you plan!
So instead at 27 I am wondering the world making friends, new family, and for the first time in 10 years I am completely and utterly happy with not knowing where my life will lead.
But for now it leads me to Thailand for my fall break....

View from hotel room in Ko Samui!

Thailand has dozens of islands scattered around it.  Most of them are in the south.  I took my adventure to the 3 islands grouped together on the Gulf.  Ko Samui which is the biggest and most popular, Ko Phanghan the second in size and known as the party island...last but not least Ko Tao (means "Turtle Island").  This was my favorite, it was small and relaxed with just enough energy at night.  Check out one of the main roads in town.

The busy road of Ko Tao
But at the end of the day the best part of my trip was going home!  Which surprised me more then anything, it has been years since I was really excited to return home from a trip.  Last summer I spent my 7 hour flight from Ireland to the states in tears because going back just felt wrong!  It was shocking to me how in 3 months this place is home and I am so very happy to call it that.  And with those feeling I would also like to say I have decided to stay for a 2nd year in Ha Noi, Vietnam.  Whats more exciting is life can never be planned so we will see where I really am this time next year!
To my friends and family back home thank you for your support and love.  Its because I know you are and that I can count on you that I feel free to explore!  Love you all!

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