Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas in Laos (who woulda thought)

Laos....what can I say about Laos!  I think Luang Prabang might be one of my favorite little cities.  They have amazing restuarant both Western and Lao dishes.  There are outdoor adventure to be enjoyed whenever you want.  Beautifully breath taking waterfalls, (also breath taking when you jump in to the pritine blue water).

We spent 7 days in Laos including travel.  Christmas  fell in the middle.  A few drinks on Christmas Eve along with some dancing, followed by a nice quiet xmas day.

Without a doubt our favorite day was our second to last one.  All of the pictures below our from that day!
Everything fell into place that day.  The Weather was amazing, the experiences were just what we were hoping for and more.

Asian Elephants weigh about 2 tons on average which is about 5 to 6 tons less then the average African Elephant. I think I am good on my Asian Friend!

Our day began with an hour walk on the out skirts of the Elephant.  The walk would have taken us about 15 to 20 minutes.  But Elephants stop about every 30 seconds to a 1 to eat OR "dispose of what they have eaten".

Afterwards we watch friends take the elephants for a bath in the river. Then we ourselves gave her a bath.  As you can tell bathes our for the amusement of the Mahouts as they watch the westerns fall off the giant mammal when she goes under

Nate was on the Elephant with me....if you look very closely you can see the top of his head as he "takes a bath" too!
Then off we went to are second waterfall to visit and go on an hour zip line course through the jungle!  (hint:  this was Nate's favorite part")

I don't think either of us believed our guide when he said he was hooking both of us together on this line!
Guide:  "You go together this time"
Nate: " Sure....w wa wait WHAT!"
Guide: " Yay yay it ok"

We made it hung out in the waterfall for a while and then finished our wonderful and tiring day put the Elephants to bed in the Jungles of Laos!'

Next pics to come from the "Land Downunder"

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  1. YOu have an amazing life! I need to come visit :-)