Monday, May 23, 2011

2 months and 2 weeks!!!

In a little over two months I set "sail" for Vietnam.  I will be there for at least 1 year, possibly more.  Who knows only time will tell!  I will be teaching 3-4 year olds at an international school, in Hanoi.  Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with over 6 million people residing there (only 4 times the size of Denver).  I will be living in the Expat area near West Lake.  My School is called QSI (Quality School International) feel free to look at their website.  They have 36 schools in 25 countries!  Which is a wonderful way to see the world and still work with children.
Ashley and I...and creepy girl! (aka..Becky!)

I Come!

I am extremely excited and incredibly nervous.  But my friends and family, give me the support I need to take this challenge/adventure!

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  1. Tia,
    You are one brave wonderful girl! Awesome is the word!
    I will be following you on your blog, already bookmarked.
    So happy to be posting your 1st comment.